DuraBond Slide Resources

Design Files

DuraBond Slide provides free PDF and STEP design files of all of our standard sizes and configurations.

You can download the linear slide CAD files and review them in your own 3D modeling software in conjunction with other system models.

In this way, we help ensure a perfect fit before you place your order.

How to Download Design Files

1. Visit the DuraBond Online Store

2. Choose any product

3. Below the main product information, click the “Design Files” tab

4. Choose PDF files or STEP files

5. Note that STEP files download in a compressed folder. Expand the folder to access all STEP files.

Specifications and Tolerances

We include all specifications, capabilities and tolerances for DuraBond slides, including:


  • Dimensional tolerances
  • Load bearing capabilities
  • Operation limits
  • Data on thermal expansion, friction, wear and longevity
DuraBond Slide Components Diagram

Introduction to Linear Slides

Industrial linear slides, also known as linear bearings, are an integral part of any machining or automation equipment setup, allowing machinery to move smoothly and precisely while constraining motion to a straight line. While a number of different configurations exist, all types of linear slides are composed of two parts: a saddle (or carriage) and a base.

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Contact DuraBond

If you have comments or questions or would like to request a custom linear slide quote, please contact us through the form.

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