DuraBond Slide Specifications and Capabilities

DuraBond Slide Components

  1. Base Stationary member of the linear slide system. Manufactured from high quality tool steel, hardened to 48-52 Rc and finish ground.
  2. Saddle Moving member of the linear slide system. Manufactured from high quality steel, bonded with Rulon bearing material and finish ground to create a precision slide.
  3. Way Saddle tracking member. Manufactured from high quality steel, bonded with Rulon bearing material and finish ground, ideal for machine use.
  4. Adjustment Way Saddle retaining member. Manufactured from high quality steel, bonded with Rulon bearing material and finish ground.
  5. Adjustment Gib Adjustable member of the linear slide system for setting clearance between the saddle and base. This member is bonded with Rulon bearing material and finish ground.
  6. Gib Screw High quality, fine thread Allen head screws strategically oriented along one side of the saddle for positioning the adjustment gib.
  7. Gib Screw Nut Locks the gib screw in place to maintain gib adjustment.
DuraBond Slide Components Diagram

DuraBond Slide Dimensional Tolerances

  • Straight line accuracy: 0.0001” per inch
  • Flatness of base: 0.001″ per 12″
  • Flatness of saddle top: 0.001″ per 12″
  • Flatness of saddle top to base: 0.001″ per 12″
  • Tracking parallelism of base and saddle: 0.0005″ per 12″
  • Slide overall height tolerance: Nominal to +/- 0.005″

DuraBond Slide Load Capacity

Static Load Capacity

Saddle Size Horizontal Mount Wall Mount Ceiling Mount Vertical Mount
SW02-SL03 750 188 258 700
SW02-SL06 1,500 375 516 700
SW03-SL04 1,750 375 625 700
SW03-SL06 2,625 563 938 700
SW04-SL06 3,750 563 938 1250
SW04-SL08 5,000 750 1,250 1250
SW06-SL09 9,000 1,125 2,109 1900
SW06-SL12 12,000 1,500 2,813 1900
SW09-SL14 24,500 2,625 4,813 2800
SW09-SL18 31,500 3,375 6,750 2800
SW12-SL18 45,000 3,375 6,750 2800
SW12-SL24 60,000 4,500 9,000 2800
DuraBond Slide Mounting Diagram

DuraBond Slide Capabilities

The technical data presented here represents typical performance values under controlled conditions. The requirements for your particular applications should be reviewed with a DuraBond Slide technical development engineer.

Recommended Operation Limits


Temperature – Typical Range Fo -400/+550
Maximum PV (continuous) 10,000
Maximum P – PSI (static) 1,000
Maximum V – SFM (no load) 400
Slide Hardness – Minimum Rc 35
Slide Finish Recommended RMS 8-24
Slide Material Steel


Engineering Information


Friction-Static & Dynamic .15-.25
Water Absorption ASTM D570 0%
Flammability ASTM D635 Non-Flammable
Chemical Resistance Inert
Thermal Conductivity BTU/hr/sq. ft./ F/in. 2.3
Linear Coefficient of 780F – 2000F BD 3.5×10-5
BL 6.2×10-5
Thermal Expansion 780F – 3000F BD 3.6×10-5
BL 7.0×10-5

For more information on DuraBond Slide’s capabilities and performance criteria, such as bearing pressure, bearing speed, wear rate and friction, please download our full Performance Criteria document here.

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2" Width Slides

  • Heavy duty linear slide rails sw02-sl03-bl04 Angle 1

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW02-SL03-BL04

  • Linear Slide 2 inch sw02-sl03-bl08

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW02-SL03-BL08

  • Linear Slide 2 inch sw02-sl03-bl12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW02-SL03-BL12

  • Linear Slide 2 inch sw02-sl06-bl08

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW02-SL06-BL08

  • Linear Slide 2 inch sw02-sl06-bl12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW02-SL06-BL12

4" Width Slides

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 04-SL06-BL12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW04-SL06-BL12

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 04-SL06-BL16

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW04-SL06-BL16

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 04-SL06-BL20

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW04-SL06-BL20

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 04-SL08-BL12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW04-SL08-BL12

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 04-SL08-BL16

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW04-SL08-BL16

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 04-SL08-BL20

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW04-SL08-BL20

9" Width Slides

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 09-SL14-BL18

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW09-SL14-BL18

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 09-SL14-BL24

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW09-SL14-BL24

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 09-SL14-BL32

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW09-SL14-BL32

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 09-SL18-BL24

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW09-SL18-BL24

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 09-SL18-BL32

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW09-SL18-BL32

3" Width Slides

  • Linear Slide 3 inch sw03-sl04-bl06

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW03-SL04-BL06

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 03-SL04-BL12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW03-SL04-BL12

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 03-SL04-BL18

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW03-SL04-BL18

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 03-SL06-BL12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW03-SL06-BL12

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 03-SL06-BL18

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW03-SL06-BL18

6" Width Slides

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 06-SL09-BL12

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW06-SL09-BL12

  • DuraBond linear bearings SW 06-SL09-BL16

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW06-SL09-BL16

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 06-SL09-BL20

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW06-SL09-BL20

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 06-SL12-BL16

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW06-SL12-BL16

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 06-SL12-BL20

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW06-SL12-BL20

12" Width Slides

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 12-SL18-BL22

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW12-SL18-BL22

  • DuraBond linear slide SW 12-SL18-BL28

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW12-SL18-BL28

  • linear bearings SW12-SL18-BL32

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW12-SL18-BL32

  • linear bearings SW12-SL24-BL28

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW12-SL24-BL28

  • linear bearings SW12-SL24-BL32

    DuraBond Linear Slide: SW12-SL24-BL32

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